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trifle things

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It’s little things the human mind is prone to remembering – the word ‘lout’ and old Aqua songs – gummy bears and talks about God ignoring us, then coming back for us on Saturday. Small things like missing a senior prom for Thomas Hardy and Samuel Butler.

66 is an easy number to forget. Smiling faces, screams in unison and a voice amongst others saying, “We’re going to State …” aren’t easily forgotten.

Take off your shoes and jump into the water. Soak your skin to the heart and drown. The sea monsters will catch you and we will happily go under because at least we made it past the beach.


dark faeries

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They’re everywhere. You’ve got to be careful. Keep the iron with you at all times. Of course that means that you won’t have the good ones on your side either. But just to be sure.

Leave the milk out. Be happy.

Dark Faerie Tales – http://www.darkfaerietales.com – will let you know more. Especially about the iron. Or maybe you can just read the books for yourself and find out what a brutal world this is.

sudden death

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Some things are so sudden, no one even perceives them coming. They jump out at you like a gargoyle Рone of the evil ones Рand spring onto your conscience like that. Sudden death is the worst.

It’s pain at the maximum, it’s torture at it’s worst. Sudden death is happiness six feet under, dead, gone cold – unsmiling.

Sudden death knocks the breath out of you.

Takes years to get it back.

sunglasses and music

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Do not wear sunglasses to a concert because it affects your hearing. I know sunglasses are not for ears, but there are possibilities that listening to the music at a concert is directly proportional to the darkness level of sunglasses, especially if worn at an indoor concert.

Of course, I haven’t proven this yet, so you can’t blame me if you go to a concert without your sunglasses and die of blindness by the dazzling smile of the lead singer of Never Say Never NeverShoutNever! or something.

I’ll prove my theory.

One of these days.

bare feet

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The world is like a cage – bars on the left and right, and the only way to keep yourself sane is to stay in touch with the earth. Walk barefoot. Don’t drive. Run through the trees in the forest. Go back to the originality of the ways of the world: be free. Let the wind wash upon you and scream in your ear, it’s better than the traffic’s stacatto howling.

If freedom were cheap, everyone would be living in peace. It’s not. There will be people who will tell you to wear shoes, I say don’t! I say, throw those shoes in the gutter, toss them away, they are cages in themselves! How can you connect and become one with the earth if there is always a film of rubber between you and the soil?