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sharing is selfish

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Or being selfish is sharing what you don’t want to. Sometimes the sky is blue and all yours, on other days it turns red and belongs to the whole world. The only problem is sorting out what really matters, the red or the blue. I could say the blue is a little bit more relaxed than the red, but that’s opinion. And sometimes opinion doesn’t matter in a matter like the sky. What matters is the final answer, but some of us are too chicken to come forward and answer for ourselves. So we just die a little inside.


mistaken identity

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Of course they would say
that we had
no one to

But don’t you know how
just wants to
be sure?

Identities are

the truth about forever

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I’m not done with the book yet. Heck, I’ve barely started. But I know it’s one I’m not going to leave lying around, unfinished. I put aside The River of Adventure for it, and I’m going to finish it. The truth about foreverĀ – I already know it, though. It’s the secret to life, to everything. The secret to the universe. It’s called inner peace, and is almost impossible to achieve. It’s also tricky to think about because, face it, how can things be peaceful when they’re simply not? How can a car slow down enough to let the driver smell the roses when it’s part of a NASCAR race? (Totally inappropriate example, but there it is.) Inner peace sounds exactly like it is: some guru hotch-potch thing which is, quite truthfully, out of your reach. And so there is no answer to life – there is no truth about forever. Hmm. However. There is a truth about you. And maybe, just maybe, if you hear that one phrase – or read that one book – or say “Hi” to the right person on the bus today … maybe, just maybe, you’ll find the truth. And it might be enough to get you to where forever is.


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Suddenly it all makes sense. All those quotes up there I couldn’t relate to and everything? It’s all fine, it’s all good. Maybe I needed to pick up my phone and punch in those words earlier. Thank you, may the lord bless you and all that – now let’s have some fun with this new epiphany I’ve had!

library books

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So you’ve read all those articles telling you what it’s like to walk down an aisle of books in a library – it soothes you, it’s wonderful, it’s all that – yada, yada, yada – all right. So I get it. It is all that – sometimes. Most of the time, it’s just too many books to look at in such little time (ever wonder why library hours are always incovenient, except in summer? Jesus.) and my head kind of ends up with a terrible ache because I tried to look at all the titles sideways.

Sometimes walking in a library is like walking down a store where everything is forbidden. I mean, there are so many books to look at but, admit it, would you really pick up that book about voodoo magic if there was a seventy-year-old woman standing next to you, checking out a book on cute doll-making? And if she were eyeballing you every five seconds? Okay, so maybe that’s not a realistic scenario, but it’s close enough. No one picks out library books about the good stuff because they’re afraid what the lady at the check-out counter might think of them – especially if you’re a regular. Well, if you’re best friends with her I guess it really doesn’t matter.

I’ll have to think about that last one and get back to you on that.

never knew you till today

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So, I never really knew you until today when you came up to me. You saved me a whole page and I’m touched. All right, I’ll sign it.

“Dearest You,

I’m glad you saved me a page to write on. I might not have been your best friend, but I know you now – and I’m glad that you’ve thought of me more than I have. It makes you a better person than me, and I hope you take that with you wherever you go in life. Have fun!


That One Person You Saved A Page For.”