the truth about forever

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2010 at 7:20 am

I’m not done with the book yet. Heck, I’ve barely started. But I know it’s one I’m not going to leave lying around, unfinished. I put aside The River of Adventure for it, and I’m going to finish it. The truth about forever – I already know it, though. It’s the secret to life, to everything. The secret to the universe. It’s called inner peace, and is almost impossible to achieve. It’s also tricky to think about because, face it, how can things be peaceful when they’re simply not? How can a car slow down enough to let the driver smell the roses when it’s part of a NASCAR race? (Totally inappropriate example, but there it is.) Inner peace sounds exactly like it is: some guru hotch-potch thing which is, quite truthfully, out of your reach. And so there is no answer to life – there is no truth about forever. Hmm. However. There is a truth about you. And maybe, just maybe, if you hear that one phrase – or read that one book – or say “Hi” to the right person on the bus today … maybe, just maybe, you’ll find the truth. And it might be enough to get you to where forever is.


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