contradiction, barefoot

In Uncategorized on August 1, 2010 at 12:28 am

If there was a donut given to me for each time I’ve contradicted myself, I would be fat, fat, fat. I would also make sure that you were fat because I would share my donuts with you. And now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you – being contradictory is hard work. One day, I am this. The next, I am that. I can never make up my mind, and I don’t want to. Boredom is not the essence; however, if one were to truly look inside oneself, the contradiction is ever present. Like a bug. Which just won’t go away. No matter how many times you use Raid or how many bottles of vodka you pour on it. (I have personally never done that, which is quite distasteful because the effect of vodka on a fly would be very interesting. In short, death.)

There is a time for everything, yes? So when I say – contradict yourself: walk barefoot and throw away your shoes, I say! I find myself in support of those who fearlessly express themselves! And they are loved and hated for it! But who cares? No one! Of course not! So, join me! Throw away those joins and don some flip-flops! Better yet, run barefoot! It’s time to show those crab-heads what we are made out of!

And so we go on …


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