first glimpse

In Uncategorized on August 10, 2010 at 5:02 am

I’m dancing in the rain and moonlight: a selfish, loony girl holding a pen in one hand, a waterproof journal in the other, and laughing all by herself at the sky. On the hill behind her stands her family: a smiling mother and father, a grinning sister (who appreciates the humor of the sky, but won’t crack up at it, because that would not be dignified). There are white kites in the sky – some whisk away right after I see them; others stay a bit longer and let me dance among the strings and blank facades. I fill them in with my favorite colors – my colors, which look good on them and work for me. These are my friends.

There is a small hut in a distance – not far from the hill where my family stands, and through the rain, I wave my journal at it. The hut is home to orbs of blue light. My family sometimes lives there, too. The orbs of light are always there. Sometimes I am so fascinated by the kites, I forget the blue ones. But when I look back, there they are, shining always.  In that hut lives my inspiration for writing; the friends who are more like family and family which is more like the muse – like a trampoline I can fall back on to when I bungee-jump.

I move across the wet ground, wiping rain away from my face. By the light of the moon, I see the soil I stand on has changed. The hut is a far way away but it’s still there. There are new kites in the sky this time: a different color, a different make. I gaze at them, play with the strings, dance to their wind-song. The soil I now stand on is not mine, but I will make it mine if I have to.

I’m dancing in the rain and moonlight: a selfish, loony girl holding her future in her hands; laughing, assured that the hut and the family on the hill will always be there.

  1. I love kites, they are such a great archetype of innocence and hope. There really is nothing like flying a kite and the sound of it fluttering in the wind….beautiful. I really like this. Keep writing

  2. Oh! Thank you!
    Yes, of course I will keep writing – definitely!

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