through the cracks

In Uncategorized on August 12, 2010 at 11:51 pm

There was a dream about flowers, snakes – and an office with the most extravagant staircase you could imagine. It was all so clear and well-defined: like watching an HD movie! I was in the moment, living, flying maybe – the world was more real than reality itself. There is no way to explain it but to tell you that – if reality were a game, the dream would be like looking away from the television or computer, and seeing real life. Maybe a little like Plato’s cave. Maybe not. It’s more than that – always has been.

Freethinking (dream): Like swirling colors on a canvas by one of the best artists in Italy, the dream captured me still. There was some method about the colors: blue, yellow, pink, green – all blended in white, even though you can’t see white, not really. But you still know it’s there. It’s not the background, it’s part of the colors. If that’s possible. The Italian artist probably put his best into the work. Nothing like Bernini, of course – the angels never flew that high. But maybe some color might have helped him. The dreams. Always the ones about the snake gliding over the skies? Why is there no color in that? And two days later, you get your answer when the heavens break and rain pours down on you, on the grass in the backyard – on the metal roof of the shed which your dad never replaced with thick wood. The metal sheet flies off and instead of a covering, there is now a kind of hollow in the middle of the backyard. The rain does not stop: pouring into the shed, into the soil and ground (feed the earth), it trails down the cavnas and drains the colors as it goes along.

Soon enough there is no white, no blue, no pink, and no yellow. There is only rain and – rain does not have a color.

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