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true to innocence

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To remain the same –
To find words unknown
and let them rest, gently, upon you –
for the words that are,
and the words that were,
the sunset stays
and time goes on.



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If I were to say –
Words not meant for you –
Words meant for the sky –
If I were to stay –
Would it be true
To fight against the world
And stay with you?

When it’s time to clap, clap. When it’s time to sing, sing. Don’t let them say it’s who you are, because in the end – it is your life, and you take charge of it. To make yourself happy, or to make others happy – the choice is yours. Maybe you wish you had someone to help you make those choices … and always be there, walking with you.

since when

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And I lie in wait, stars above me – feet dancing?
But I lie.
To tell the truth, I stand – watch me as I spin around the Sun, laughing, laughing –
The world shatters and I fall, fall –
Catch me as I break over the grass:
Pieces to be put together delicately, carefully –
I am, after all, human.