I’m not an old lady and I don’t live in Florida. I am a teenager who moved from one country to another with her family and I am debating how that has changed me as a person. Seriously? I still have a high appreciation for good humor, especially cow-related jokes, and I am attracted to the color purple. It calls me to itself, saying, “Come to me, my sweet, and together we shall be known as royalty.” Royal or not, I do know that one day I’m going to die so instead of keeping a diary and writing stuff in there that will get me in trouble later on, I decided to have a blog and fill out something completely random and un-related to my social life and family life whatsoever, so that people who knew me won’t visit the blog after I’m dead hoping for some scoop on themselves. They’ll just find the random nonsensical but deeper thoughts of a person who lived, like so many do, a wonderful life with people she loved. Sometimes, that’s all you need to know from a blog. Even after I’m long gone.


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